How to Defuse Sales Objections Using Chris Voss’s Method

If you are not familiar with Chris Voss’s method, this material won’t be useful. To get the most out of this guide, enroll in Chris’s Masterclass. The Masterclass combined with deliberate practice won’t just help you defuse objections. It will also give you the superpower to get through to anyone you meet in your personal and professional life.


Your prospect says, “We’re already working with another vendor.”

How would you respond?

Researching Sales Leads/Contacts and Accounts

If you have been in the world of Sales Development for a while may have noticed that the amount of research required has skyrocketed over the past 5 years.

Personally, I feel like I “blinked” and the SDR role turned into private detective work. I might even buy a few trench coats to raffle off! (merch idea?)

Bringing human skills to prospecting – in the age of AI

What are the metrics for SDR success during prospecting?

Book more meetings.

What comes on the way?

Prospects are not always interested in whatever you are selling to them.

Becc Holland, in her popular “Flip the Script” 4-session video series, walks us through skill-building for prospecting. And, yes, she puts humanity and integrity back into selling.

The sessions I found most useful are objection handling and Email Outreach strategies.