Coach and Train

Unlock the top performer within every rep through personalized, data-powered coaching.


Reduce ramp time by half

Sales organizations with ineffective onboarding lose 20-30% of potential revenue due to delayed productivity of new hires. On top of that, high turnover due to poor onboarding leads to frequent recruitment, which costs an average of 6-9 months’ salary per hire.

“Before RevSpace, we didn’t have visibility into how new sellers are ramping into their full potential. RevSpace equipped us to execute a learning culture here.” – Sales Enablement Leader, series B startup

Get up and running in days, not months

For both Admins and Learners, RevSpace offers the easiest to use, setup, implement and maintain platform.

Native course authoring for Admin & SMEs

Our WYSIWYG editor makes course authoring easy and fun. Subject matter experts can author and collaborate.

In-app templates and AI recommendation

Don’t start from scratch! Use our learning path templates, out-of-the box sales tool trainings, marketplace content plus self-driven learning opportunities.

Guide Sellers

Execute on your CRO’s strategy

New product launch? Sales Process change? Implementing value selling framework? 80% of sales strategies fail to achieve their full potential due to poor execution. (Source: Aberdeen Group)

“We established MEDDIC methodology and a value-based sales process with templates and target metrics. Our enablement team used RevSpace to establish the changes across teams. Deal size and win rate both improved.” – CRO, series C company

Build Sales Plays

Build your interactive sales playbook for the modern era. Equip your revenue team with storytelling skills, resources, and tools to captivate buyers.

Sales Coaching

Coach and prepare your revenue team with pitch certifications, demo submissions, pipeline generation competition. Assign managers to review and coach.

Reinforce learning

Embed learning, framework and resources in CRM per sales stage. Never let a seller guess the process.

Measure Impact

Close the learning to earning gap

According to an ATD report, US companies spend $20 billion yearly on sales training. Make your sales training count by tracking learning outcomes and the impact of training on sales performance and revenue.

“We aren’t just training employees, we are investing in them to drive business growth. Other platforms made it impossible to track that ROI.” – Director of Revenue Enablement, Public Company

One-click report on learner analytics

Get a detailed report on course completion status, quiz attempts, completion time per learner, per course and per team or cohorts.


Fuel your team's growth with engaging competitions featuring leaderboard showdowns in pitch battles, demo duels, prospecting marathons, and customer story slams.

Connect learning to earning

RevSpace's CRM connector unveils the metrics that matter most to the Enablers - time to quota, win rate improvement, rep ramp time and more.

Integrate with tech your team already uses

Reduce tech stack costs by consolidating your learning and content management needs. Drive revenue with just-in-time Enablement.