Curate sales content instantly

Streamlined access: Sales plays, processes, demos, collateral – all at your fingertips, right where your team needs them.

Reduce content clutter

Increase content adoption with actionable insights

B2B companies spend on average 15% of revenue on marketing, 50% on digital…but are your sellers using content? Ensure your digital marketing assets aren’t gathering dust. Track their impact, optimize usage, and watch your ROI improve.

“We use Google Drive to host our marketing content and Confluence for Product knowledge. Our sales team struggled to find sales assets and RevSpace made sellers save a ton of time.” – CMO, series B startup

Integration with Enterprise content store

Add content from your Google Drive, OneDrive or SharePoint with a click of a button.

Content Enrichment

Add tags, metadata, thumbnail images, access permissions. Push content to CRM and/or content portal.

Powerful content search

Quickly locate content based on tag and metadata. Let sellers bookmark content and recommend it to peers.

Role specific experience

Unique journeys based on roles

Poorly organized, outdated, and cluttered internal content libraries contribute significantly to lost time and frustration. A study by The Bridgehead Group found that 45% of salespeople say they’ve lost deals due to not having access to the right information at the right time.

“We have a CMS in place, but it requires significant resources to maintain and effectively manage all content. This complexity leaves our revenue team frustrated, and many functional teams have resorted to creating their own spreadsheets for their specific team needs.” – VP of Customer Success, Public company

Build a content experience

Curate personalized content experience per revenue function easily.

Pre-board GTM team

New hires enter pre-built teams and an experience designed for their role (e.g., SDRs), day one.

Access the latest content, always

All content is synced to your Enterprise content store.

Interactive sales process

Align sellers to buyer journeys

50% of sales reps report feeling confused or uncertain about their company’s sales process (Gong). 47% of B2B buyers say inconsistent sales processes are a major pain point. (Forrester). Use RevSpace’s Sales Process Engagement Center (SPEC) to align sellers with buyer journeys.

“RevSpace’s Interactive Sales Process Engagement Center has been a game-changer for rev-logic to establish an efficient sales process for our clients. It aligns the sellers to CRO’s strategy and buyer journey.” – Rick Kickert, CEO rev-logic

Tools and trainings per sales stage

Organize sales training, tools and templates per sales stage to accelerate sales rep execution.

Make SPEC part of CRM

Just-in-time Enablement empowers sellers to execute effective deal qualification, advanced discovery and close.

Strategic partnership with GTM leaders

Speak the language of revenue growth. SPEC unites your GTM team - sales, marketing and RevOps leaders, aligns strategies, and optimizes every stage of your sales process.

Integrate with tech your team already uses

Reduce tech stack costs by consolidating your learning and content management needs. Drive revenue with just-in-time Enablement.