RevSpace for Marketers

Target qualified leads with content that converts

Deliver the right resources at every stage, gain insights into usage across the team and with prospects, from views to shares.

Know how sellers are using content

Marketers use RevSpace to centralize the access, sharing and distribution of vital prospecting and sales assets effortlessly.

Curate Sales Assets

Boost seller effectiveness with stage-targeted resources. Sellers can find collaterals in CRM or in RevSpace wherever they work.

Transform Sales Toolbox

Build a segmented template library (vertical, industry, size, title, etc.) to equip your sellers with the right tools for every ICP engagement.

Identify Usage Patterns

Track engagement and identify untapped needs to ensure your hard-earned creation delivers maximum impact.

Find Sales Content

Execute on your content strategy

Transform your sales engine with a single, data-driven content hub. Seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack to boost efficiency, empower reps with relevant resources, and fuel sales-marketing alignment.

Put context-rich content and relevant training side-by-side in your CRM. Close more deals, faster.

Digital Engagement Room

Transform your sales toolbox

Use our no-code visual editor to build templates with targeted messaging for each industry, use case and ideal customer profile. Highlight different pain points targeted to different use cases, company sizes, revenue ranges and geographies.

Embed these landing pages in seller’s prospecting and followup messages and see your buyers engage. Start small and launch quickly.

Measure Actionable Insights

Identify Usage patterns

Deep dive into content engagement. Uncover opens, views, shares, clicks, and dwell time for every sales asset across your team, prospects, and customers.

Course-correct with data-driven insights and bridge the gap between marketing creation, sales needs, and buyer resonance.


Unlock the value of your enablement content and training

Got a critical sales question? RevBot has your answer.

Have a new account meeting coming up? No time to shift through sales playbook, messaging guide?

Ask this AI assistant about new account strategies, lead qualification in Salesforce, value selling framework, anything that your enablement team has put together for you. Get instant insights for confident decisions, right when you need them.