Empowering your sales team with company know how at their fingertips

In the era of digital transformation, both your customers and employees expect seamless and frictionless access to information and support. Search capabilities perfected by Google and Microsoft were the gold standard for knowledge retrieval but are insufficient in answering questions in a timely fashion. They can help find a specific needle in a proverbial data haystack but require you to know exactly what you are looking for and use specific or similar terms to retrieve that. Even if you craft the necessary keywords to retrieve the relevant document you still struggle with the problem of reading, comprehending and synthesizing that data to answer the question you initially came to answer. To identify the search functionality and examine the various articles available, extra clicks are required.

Sales Enablement – CRO’s Magic Wand

Magic happens when Sales, Marketing and Product teams are aligned and operate like a well-oiled machine – it is the CRO’s ultimate mission. But as the company and teams grow, product capability expands, multiple Business and Product teams thrive to position themselves against competition in a buyer-centric world, aligning customer-facing teams becomes a major challenge.