Sales Enablement – CRO’s Magic Wand

Magic happens when Sales, Marketing and Product teams are aligned and operate like a well-oiled machine – it is the CRO’s ultimate mission. But as the company and teams grow, product capability expands, multiple Business and Product teams thrive to position themselves against competition in a buyer-centric world, aligning customer-facing teams becomes a major challenge.

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Coaching the coaches – Conversation with Anna from Zoom

Anna Vuong, a seasoned Sales Enablement leader at Zoom Video Communications, Inc. talks with us on how the profession has evolved over the years and her strategy to get better at your craft every day.

Anna started in Customer success, then operations and partners before finding her calling in Sales Enablement. It used to be called “Sales Readiness” before Sales Enablement became such a hot topic.

Her love for being surrounded by Sales team and celebrating their success keeps her challenged and motivated.

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Bringing human skills to prospecting – in the age of AI

What are the metrics for SDR success during prospecting?

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What comes on the way?

Prospects are not always interested in whatever you are selling to them.

Becc Holland, in her popular “Flip the Script” 4-session video series, walks us through skill-building for prospecting. And, yes, she puts humanity and integrity back into selling.

The sessions I found most useful are objection handling and Email Outreach strategies.

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