Coaching the coaches – Conversation with Anna from Zoom

Anna Vuong, a seasoned Sales Enablement leader at Zoom Video Communications, Inc. talks with us on how the profession has evolved over the years and her strategy to get better at your craft every day.

Anna started in Customer success, then operations and partners before finding her calling in Sales Enablement. It used to be called “Sales Readiness” before Sales Enablement became such a hot topic.

Her love for being surrounded by Sales team and celebrating their success keeps her challenged and motivated.

We spoke about 3 main topics :

  • Transformative nature of Sales Enablement
  • Activity metrics vs. outcome metrics
  • Capturing peer-to-peer learning and knowledge curation

Key Takeaways:

  • Get a seat at the table to truly understand Business goals and objectives before rolling up big initiatives. Business transformations, such as selling software license to subscription, moving upmarket, changing ICP (Ideal customer profile) – these big rock initiatives are better executed by Sales Enablement team when they are part of the decision-making from day 1.
  • Be ‘Persistently pesky’ when it comes to communication with Business leaders. Be creative about over-communication without adding to the noise. Find the right channel to communicate with stake-holders.
  • Activity metrics, such as training completion, certification are still prevalent. Activity metrics are good qualitative measures of behavior and trend discovery. But revenue metrics are crucial to get a seat at CRO’s table.
  • The new and more interesting metrics for front-line managers are attrition/retention, team engagement, promotion, growth and mentorship. Start with the numbers that CRO cares about.
  • Leverage at scale the ‘best practices’ from top performers.
  • Practice – Guidance – Feedback : Giving information is not enough. Unless you practice your learning and embed the learning in your every day activity it is not very useful.
  • Even super performers need coaching. “Being Coachable” is a leading indicator of leadership success.
  • Always be learning.

Listen to the full conversation here :