Nuisance or Partner: 5 Steps to Influence Buyer Engagement

In our previous installments in this series we introduced the Buyer Engagement Spectrum. The answer to your question, “are you a nuisance or a partner”, leads to 1 of 2 buyer actions: delete or do. In part 3, we break down what organizations are doing to successfully land the right message to the right audience, increasing their likelihood to get action.

Nuisance or Partner: How will your message land?

The Buyer Engagement Spectrum is a straight-forward way to assess where your sales engagements are hitting the wall. Are you a nuisance speaking to generic problems, i.e. “In these unprecedented times…”? Or, do you offer a point of view, one so unique a buyer is willing to take action?

In part 1 of the series, we introduced the Buyer Engagement Spectrum. Here’s the big takeaway: your message can result in 1 of 2 buyer actions: delete or do.

Nuisance or Partner: Which Company are you?

Delete, delegate or do. It’s a split second decision. Your message (e.g. ad, email, voicemail, in-person meeting) has a simple goal to drive the highest level of buyer engagement in the shortest amount of time.

Every interaction you have with a current or prospective buyer matters. You are judged the moment you engage. Judged not for what you do or what you sell, but to determine if the buyer should spend his/her most valuable resource with you — their time.